About Us


Koch Ranches, Inc. is a family business that is owned and operated by fifth, sixth and now seventh generation Texas farmers and ranchers.  The ranches are located in Medina and Frio Counties, Texas and consist of over 4400 acres of lush pastures, including almost 400 acres of irrigated natural warm season grasses and overseeded winter grazing.  Our irrigation wells are free flowing artesian Edwards Aquifer wells that provide bountiful clear water for both our all natural grass fed animals and our all natural vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.

We are committed to providing the healthiest, most nutritional lean meat available, with an unmatched delicious flavor.  Over our family’s generations, we have learned that the best way to raise animals is the way Mother Nature intended.  Most other major meat suppliers inject their animals with hormones to stimulate rapid growth and antibiotics and other chemicals to compensate for the unhealthy, crowded and confined conditions in which they fatten their animals.  Chemicals injected into live animals can pass some of the residue on to the consumer of its meat. Koch Ranches prefers to take the old fashioned natural approach to raise and finish our all natural food products in a way that is environmentally sound, economically viable, healthy and humane.  We don’t fatten our animals in crowded feed lots, feeding them grain and injecting them with antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals.  Our animals’ diet is strictly fresh, green, natural grass which results in exceptionally lean, healthy, nutritious and delicious meat.

The reduced fat content in grass fed meats requires that they be cooked at lower temperatures than normal grocery store meats.  Our grass fed meats are high in heart friendly essential fatty acids, but low in harmful fats.  The convenient individual vacuum sealed packages of our meat cuts not only seal in the delicious flavor and extend freezer life but, also provide quick preparation of just the right amount you need for each meal.

Koch Ranches’ long history of ranching the way Mother Nature intended it to be done, and our commitment to raise only healthy, nutritious delicious foods is your guarantee of satisfaction with the KR Brand of grass fed meats.

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